India is a land food and foodies. It won’t be wrong to say about Indians that they live to eat, and eat to enjoy! From the tiny ‘galis’ of Chandni Chowk to the Khau Gali of Mumbai, all food destinations serve as the ultimate paradise for Indians. The variety of cuisines that one could find in India and the taste that one could savour, is very difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Indians and sweets have a particular affinity with each other. Sweets are an integral part of every ritual in India. Whether it is a marriage ceremony, anniversary, birthday, christening of a baby or a party; there has to be something ‘meetha’ to celebrate. It is but obvious that a country so high on sugar, must have thousands and thousands of sweet shops serving delicacies of their own kind. There are sweet dishes that were once a part of a king’s royal kitchen and some that were liked by masses! Here is a list of 5 oldest sweet shops in India! Read more: go-to ink